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Facade design

طراحی نما

Restaurant and cafe design

طراحی رستوران و کافه

Design and Decoration

طراحی و دکوراسیون داخی

Provide virtual tour design and VR renderings

desining Villa

طراحی ویلا

Roof garden design and landscaping

طراحی روف گاردن و محوطه سازی

Execution and executive services

اجرای نما و داخلی

With years of experience in providing architectural services to the top architectural offices and brands in Tehran.

At least 10% increase in profit on construction and sales for only 1% cost

The profitability of speeding up the implementation and so-called reducing the employer’s money sleep is much greater than all design costs.
Increasing the speed of the building sometimes reduces building costs by up to 10 percent, while an optimal design will result in a final increase in the selling price of the building.
However, the cost of complete design of interior decoration, facade and landscaping, as well as related supervision matters does not reach one percent of the cost of execution.

Absolute executive support

In Farid-Arjmand Architecture Company, the supervision process is such that the employer, after finishing the facade design and interior decoration, etc., selects and introduces his contractor to us, then all the relevant executive steps with regular supervision sessions and according to the need. The contractor is managed by our team.

In this way, not only the concerns of this section will be completely removed from the shoulders of the employer, but at the end of the implementation, all sections from the facade to interior decoration, landscaping and roof garden will completely match the designs done.


Before designing interior decoration, by considering all installation paths in three-dimensional designs, it is possible to achieve the least changes and misguidance in the executive stages related to interior design.All designs of Farid-Arjmand Architecture Company will be done with full interaction with the relevant facility manager.

Project Management

Modeling of all execution phases, including all mechanical and electrical installations, all joinery and executive details related to interior decoration or facade, allows the employer to have a clear plan for the execution stages of the work.


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